dlp-13 Dark Matter & Dark Energy DECODED

DLP-13 Dark Matter & Dark Energy, Decoded

It’s Just Field Momentum

Space = gravity = unsynchronized Momentum.

Field Momentum is not originated from mass,
but mass is part of an energy entangled ecosystem.

So gravitational force is not in detectable mass only.
For example, light has no mass, but can be synchronized into mass.

Conventional theory of gravity as an independent type of fundamental force, originating solely from mass,
with standard calculations of gravity, can have some unexpected observations.

Mass Distribution (Dark Matter)

Case 1.

Two objects, A & Z with equal mass, 5.98E+24 kg.
At distance, 1.496E+11 metres, apart.

According to the Universal Gravitation Equation,
Gravity Force between them is = 1.066E+17 Newtons.

Case 2.

Two objects X & Y, with mass 2.99E+24 kg each.
One object A, with mass 5.98E+24 kg.

X is at 2E+11 metres away from A.
Y is at 1.246E+11 metres away from A.

Theoretically, mass A should experience equal gravitational force in both cases.


Now let’s look at it from field momentum’s perspective.
Momentum in higher interaction field is travelling slower from lower interaction field’s perspective.

Momentum interact in higher details in case 2.

Interaction in case 2 is distributed more evenly,
causing Momentum to interact more directly with details of 5.98E+24 kg separately (mass X + Y),
than interacting with the same mass in 1 piece!

Despite higher density in Case 1, continual compounding deceleration in case 2 has stronger overall pull.

So momentum in case 2 will travel slower.
And when momentum reaches matter slower,
matter has to be recreated nearer to source!
Aka stronger “gravitational pull”.

Thus, mass A in case 2 will experience greater gravitational pull.


This is the reason for unaccounted gravity,
the mysterious “dark matter”,
which of cos, does not exist.
It’s a natural Field Momentum effect.

Different distribution of same “mass” have different “gravitational” effect.
Distributed mass can act like “amplifiers” of gravity!

The rotation of galaxies also increases effectiveness in trapping unsynchronized momentum.
It is easily visualized when the definition of mass is replaced with concept of momentum stability.


Dark Matter
“Mass” do not come from “matter” only.

Inverse square root estimates gravitational force for single / predominant source of mass, that is stationary.
It cannot accurately calculate gravitational force (trapped unsync momentum) for more evenly distributed source of mass, that is spinning.

Space can be synchronized into Light.
Light has no mass, but can be synchronized into matter with mass.
Clearly space is not space, and conventional view on mass and gravity is fundamentally wrong.

Distributed & rotation of mass is much more efficient in capturing unsync momentum (space).
Like a foldable hand fan induces much more airflow when unfolded and waved,
than when it is folded and still, despite having same “mass” in both scenarios.

Distributed & rotation of mass causes unsynchronized momentum to have slightly curved trajectories,
Which is position stability, when compared to outside of galaxy.
Thus it gains “mass”, increases field density,
causing stronger gravitational effect.

Phenomenon checks

Gravitational lensing. Checked.
Galaxy rotation curve. Checked.
Undetectable. Checked.
Unaccounted using conventional gravity calculations. Checked.

Dark Energy

Gravity is unconfigured momentum.

All unconfigured momentum are interfering with each other, dispersing to minimum interaction.

“Matter” limits how much unsynchronized momentum can disperse.

An Integrated Field System limits diffusion of unsync momentum,
as Integrated Field System need to balance interaction with surrounding.
Forming a gradient from high density to low density field.

When interaction adaptation of ifs (mass) is fulfilled,
at certain radius from mass,
the line between diffusion and concentration is crossed.
mass loses grip of excess unsync momentum,
and unsynchronized momentum will continue dispersing itself,

Until the fabric of interaction can no longer stretch,
which is, minimum interaction.

Gravity permeates all distance, because distance is created by gravity.
Unlike Field Systems, gravity itself has no sync equilibrium to maintain,
and will disperse as much as it can.


Mass is anchored by Field System(s),
as Field System(s) need to maintain sync equilibrium.

“Mass” focus momentum. “Gravity” disperse momentum.


The nature of synchronized momentum (mass) is to focus Momentum.
The nature of unsynchronized momentum (gravity) is to disperse Momentum.

Mass is simply momentum configured to regenerate itself, like whirlpool. momentum enters & exits it constantly. At quantum level, field density can vary as much as interaction allows.
Unconfigured momentum will disperse to balance with surrounding. Like waves on water surface.

Mass effective radius.
Within the radius, momentum focusing force is stronger than dispersing.
Beyond the radius, momentum dispersing force is stronger than focusing.

Note :

The radius maybe not be same distance from center of mass at all angles.

All mass (stability) must be anchored by field system(s),
but not all mass (stability) originates from field system(s).

Multiverse Pull

When fabric of interaction looses its “elasticity”,
by stretching near minimum interaction,
it becomes tighten strings for other “universes” to pull each other closer.

Accelerating Field Density diffusion in current trajectories,
where Integrated Field Systems cannot hold on to.

Observable trajectories of matters and light suggests a big bang occurred.
Not evidence that multiverse does not exists before big bang,
or multiverse does not exists in the same dimension.

Interaction is the fundamental requirement of an existence.
All existence must constantly interact with other existences.
Nothing can escape or alter fundamental interaction.
Nothing can hide in other dimensions, or create new ones, ever.

Universe. Configuration of a big bang.
Multiverse. All universes exists on same platform, same dimension, constantly interacting with each other.

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