Rules of Freedom – Division, Entry & Exit, Advise, Action.

Rules of Freedom

“Rules” and “Freedom” seems to be two contradicting words, and should not be in the same sentence.
And that is true, since the excessive extension of one’s freedom, may infringe others freedom.

As civilization live in communities, people interact with each other all the time.

Hence a society need to insure that individual’s rights minimize disruption another person’s rights.

This is the fundamental concept of Rules of Freedom.


Freedom of Expression. Freedom from Harm.
Freedom of Thought. Freedom to Experience.

Freedom to Basic Necessities.
. Clothing, nutrition, healthcare, shelter, education, etc.

Freedom of Movement. Freedom of Pursuit.



Because people are different, one’s amusement may be another’s disturbance.

So in order to avoid agitation towards each other,
Community need to maintain a “corridor” of common space,
where its landscape is acceptable by large majority (i.e. >75%).

And if within a private room, are some activities that might offend someone,
it should be made clear on the notice on the door.
So those who chooses to proceed have to make an informed decision.

But even within the room, basic freedom cannot be violated, including Freedom to Leave.

This is the Law of Freedom.


I appreciate sexual entertainment & enthusiastically promote it.

However I also strongly advocate division, ratings, viewer discretion advise.


i.e. Red light districts, provocative or arousing content sites, apps, games, movies, etc.
should display signs stating “age limit, self responsible, explicit contents, etc.”

Such notices act as the door, where those to make the conscious decision and action to proceed, assume responsibility.

That being said,

He / She must be physically & mentally fit to make such decision.
I.e. Legal age & above, educated, not under pressure of poverty, influence of intoxication, etc.

Even within this “private arrangements”, between pimp & worker, worker & client, basic human rights must be adhered.


The pimp is not allowed to…

. Kidnap worker, restrict movement, confiscating passport,
cause physical & psychological threat,
forced pornography, forced prostitution, etc.

. Install hidden cameras to record the worker in personal room.

. Pimp or client cannot force worker to perform unwilling acts.



Worker have the right to reject any client without any “penalties”,
with refund to client.
(Many sex workers are forced to take any clients by their pimps.)

Visitor (in this case, the prostitute) have the right to leave anytime.

And liability is limited to reasonable, measurable, and proven financial losses (if any), as a civil dispute only.


I.e. A christian bakery has the right to not serve gays, or anyone of preference.
But it must put a reasonably polite notice outside.

“Chaste Cakes is an orthodox christian bakery.
And maintains the right to only serve fellas who share & respect the same values.
Thank you for your kind understanding.”

Gay has the right to protest about the shop, on the street or online.
Even potentially bring the bakery in civil suit,
despite the unlikelihood to prove measurable compensate-able losses.
And definitely not a criminal case to be racist / biased.


P.s. This kind of ludicrous lawsuits is a tremendous waste of society’s resources. Produces nothing, squander millions, and the public gets more divided & enraged, and the cake is still not baked.

Everyone is biased, and that is normal & fine.
That is how individuals and cultures maintain its uniqueness.
So long as the biasness does not directly cause measurable damage.

I personally am royally bored by everyday people acting alpha liberal,
talking the generic celebs trending distraction blah, just to blend in lunch breaks & social gatherings.


Unless the shop fail to display reasonably visible and understood sign, it will be legally responsible.
Which the penalty should be kept to the minimum required,
just enough to compel the particular offender to just rather put up the sign next time.

I.e. $100 for first offense, for small businesses.


Most business would rather just serve all customers, than putting up such a sign, as it may cause bad publicity (or good in some sense).
Even if other bakeries start to select customers,
that just means more business for for those free-for-all shops.

Or even a bakery dedicated solely for LGBT, gets all the deals, and provides much better, mutually-clique, tailored-made service! Win-win-win situation for all!

Why would a right-minded person instigate a baker who dislike him/her, to serve him/her pastries, with the threat of litigation? Boogers-&-Cum?

I.e. A VIP client can afford and prefers an posh escort who is highly selective on her patrons,
than a street whore who the pimp slaps daily to suckie anyone who comes by.

If the baker serve, but customer request for a custom-made last-supper-cum-homo-gangbang cake.
Baker then rejects, not because of customer’s sexual orientation, or at least left no evidence that it isn’t.
Is regarded fine.

Maybe the baker need to deal with the gays & SJW trolling,
but that is their right too.

Who knows, such “negative publicity” might even be good for business.

Actions, or Words that Lead to Actions

Religions are free to preach the metaphorical (maybe) torturing & slaughtering of non-believers, pagans, & worshipers of other religions.
Unless devotees actually put it into action.

If people are not civilized enough to understand such messages should be confined to the realms of emotional fantasy,
and manipulated in times of physical conflicts to justify violence,
then the right to enjoy such fantasy will be removed.

Just like games, movies, books, manga, etc.
* examples : games, movies, books, manga…

i.e. A virtual reality massacre & torture game.
Have selection of celebrities and politicians,
Or lets player upload photo(s) of person(s) they would like to “settle” with,
then photo is mapped onto the 3d avatars.
Then the player can shoot, chainsaw, bludgeon, mutilate, torture, whatever works for your hidden twisted destructive bipolar evil self.

Would be hella fun to play, much more effective & cheaper than any therapy!
Developers feel free to contact me.

But definitely illegal, if someone did it in the real world!


If it is taken literally and put into action,
whether the society is mentally undeveloped enough yet,
&/or the message is too persuasive.
Such “Private Activities” will be Regulated.

However, if no measurable damage can be quantified / proven due to a certain imagination or speech,
then the people are adequately intelligent to savor such imagination,
and no authority can minority report policing such freedom.

I.e. crime rate demographics of people who indulge in the religion or game, VS the rest.


“Freedom of expression is less designed for the person’s ability to speak,
but more accustomed to the people’s capacity to discern.”

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