dlp-7 Light. Everything Travels At Light Speed Only? New Unified Theory of Everything

DLP-7 Light Configuration

Light VS Matter

“Light” is also configured Field Momentum,
but sync to be straight instead of circles (“matter”).

Light is constantly recreated along the path it travels.

Dispersing & focusing Field Momentum simultaneously.

Thus light can only travel in a straight line,
else it’ll disperse into unsync momentum.
Unless the bend is caused by gravity,
which is technically still travelling in a straight line.

Frequency & Speed

Frequencies are generated because momentum need to interact with surrounding momentum.
(same principle applies to all kinds of frequencies, spin orbits, magnetic lines, light, sound, water, etc.)
A focused straight momentum evolves to constant dispersing and focusing wave.

All frequencies of electromagnetic radiation have same general velocity, light speed.

Focusing momentum increases field density, increases interaction intensity, thus slowing down momentum.

Fastest speed Field Momentum can achieve,
while focusing into a general straight trajectory, is light speed.
And also the slowest.

Light is interacting with its surrounding while travelling. Light speed is residual speed from the interactions. 

Thus, real speed of Field Momentum must be significantly faster than light.

Original speed = Light Speed Square

Minimum interaction (slow) = space
Light Speed Square/minimum interaction =(derives)= Light Speed (default speed)


So instead of saying, nothing can travel faster than light,
one can also say, nothing can travel slower than light.
Or simply, everything is travelling at Light Speed constantly,
just in different trajectories.

(Your hand, this laptop, a tortoise, are all travelling in LS²! Just in different paths)

Universal Speed

Thus light speed is universal,
and independent from its source.

One Integrated Field System is still, another Integrated Field System moving @ 50% Light Speed.
Both emit laser in the direction of the moving Integrated Field System’s motion.
Both beams travel at same speed after emission.

Because light speed is universal,
by itself traveling at Light Speed,
and will only adjust speed to Field Density.

The source momentum does not constitute any inertia to laser itself.
instead light is simply revealing its original speed in straight trajectory.

P.s. But space-time warp still exists. I’ll explain later.

Electromagnetic Spectrum

* Sources

Nucleus radiation (Gamma) has the highest frequencies.
Followed by emissions from Electron orbital jumps (Ultraviolet to Visible light).
Then atom or molecule vibrations (Heat).
Finally electromagnetic field oscillations (Radiowave) have the lowest frequencies.

* Effects

Gamma rays & ultraviolet causes ionization of atoms.
Which is giving an electron so much energy that it jumps out of the atom.

Ultraviolet to visible light causes electron orbital jumps.

Infrared to microwaves causes vibrations of electrons, atoms, and molecules. Which is heat.

And radio waves causes Electromagnetic field oscillations.
Which is periodicity of Electrons orientations.

These Electromagnetic Radiation causes and effects illustrates that,
all frequencies of Electromagnetic Radiation are Field Momentum oscillations.

Higher frequencies are generated from dense sources,
causing focused effects.
Lower frequencies are generated from dispersed sources,
causing wider effects.

Dense = high frequency
Disperse = low frequency

Conclusion : all is Field Momentum.

Emission & Absorption

1st shell – Electrons has highest conservation,
requires least energy, and is least reactive.

Higher orbital Electrons has lower conservation,
requires more energy to maintain its position, connection, size & shape.
It has more energy, and is more reactive.


Electron absorbing right amount of Momentum,
causes it to jump to higher orbital.

The more energy (usually higher frequency) an electron absorbs, the more orbital levels it jumps.

Electron emitting right amount of Momentum,
causes it to drop to lower orbital.

The more orbital levels an Electron drops, the more energy is emitted.
Which translates to higher frequency,
(since Electromagnetic Radiation speed is universal),
and probably changes the orbital shape.

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