dlp-4 Antimatter & Baryon Asymmetry DECODED.

DLP-4 Antimatter & Baryon Asymmetry Decoded

Antielectron & Antiproton

From raw momentum to spins formation,
is the configuration stage of big bang chronology.
The matter creation era.

This is the configuration of electron.
There’s an equal chance to configure opposite trajectories,
or for Electron to spin into max concentration.

This, is the configuration of antimatter.

Electron’s & antiProton’s absorbing side is clockwise.
Proton’s & Positron’s absorbing side is counter-clockwise.

Electron & Positron has same low frequency.
Proton & antiProton has same high frequency.

Highly different frequencies has little interference.
Similar frequencies has high interference.

Attraction & Unconfiguration

Electron antiElectron, Proton antiProton attracts the same way as Proton-Electron.
Electron antiProton, Proton antiElectron repels the same way as Electron-Electron, Proton-Proton.

Proton-Electron connection adjusts optimal distance.

Proton-Electron have opposite frequencies, minimal interference.
Proton & Electron can easily regenerate faster than unconfiguring each other.
Proton’s & Electron’s sync equilibrium is stronger than interference, repelling just the right amount.
Thus Proton-Electron can join perfectly.

Matter & antimatter counterpart have same frequency, causing high interference.

Interference > sync equilibrium, cannot regenerate fast enough, cannot repel enough.
resulting in the total unconfiguration of both when close enough.

No energy (Field Momentum) can be destroyed (it’s the fundamental existence!),
just dissolved, & reconfigured under right conditions.

Influencing Configuration

Proton attracts electron.
If no electron is in proximity,
naturally proton’s trajectories will attempt to “create” a new electron.

Thus, an existing configuration will influence surrounding raw momentum into similar config.

Although usually, Field Density is too low for the faint image to actualize.

I.e. Neutron always decay into Proton Electron instead of antiProton antiElectron, with influence from nearby matters.

Configuration of Electron usually also produces antiElectron, to balance interaction with surrounding.

Proton prefers to create electron, while antiElectron is the undesired byproduct.

So when multiple Protons configuring new Electrons together,
many Electrons are inclined to share creation of the less preferred antiElectron.

So in a matter environment, less preferred weaker antiElectron is more likely dissolved by high Field Density surrounding, and less likely to be created.

And vice versa in an antimatter environment.


Proton induces creation of Electron, & vice versa.
AntiProton induces creation of antiElectron, & vice versa.

Configurating fundamental field systems (P E aP aE) requires high field density and turbulent trajectories.
i.e. big bang, relativistic collisions, in nucleus, etc.

Baryon Asymmetry

Matter and antimatter battle to convert each other.

As they send out legions to unconfigure with opposition, and remaining members convince raw Field Momentum to become similar configurations, and the process repeats in stronger magnitude.

Due to the influence of configuration, a tiny lead in one config, will quickly escalate into absolute dominance.

After configuration stage, most Field Momentum evolved to become Proton Electron, emr, gravity, etc.
As general Field Density become too dilute for new configs to generate spontaneously.

In another universe, there’s an equal chance it’s predominantly made up of antimatter. Of course they’ll call it matter.

Baryon asymmetry, matter bias, 101 – 100 = 1 thesis,
is poorly conceived based on misconstrued understanding of energy and matter.

All the matter in universe today are not “leftovers”,
but countless of reconfigurations till most becomes the config we are familiar with.
There’s no biasness in physics, just probability.

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