dlp-17 Big Bang Mirage, and the Logic of Existence.

DLP-17 Big Bang, Multiverse, Logic of Existence

Big Bang

1. Singularity are pulling Field Momentum and synchronizing all into same configuration.

2. When singularity is pulling space, every action causes an equal and opposite reaction.

Space is also pulling black hole outwards.
Usually it loses, gets absorbed, and configured to be part of singularity.

3. Even within singularity, all existence must adhere to dlp 1 & 2.
Since momentum cannot escape singularity, it continues to transfer within singularity.

Singularity Field viscosity maxed, while total Momentum increasing.
Field Momentum radiating within singularity, increasing interference, increasing external space pull …

4. Till the forces of interference surmount the synchronizing threshold of singularity.

Multitude of incoherent energy radiates to a single glint of light, funneling its escape, and all the energy burst through the same rift, exacerbating the rupture into all angles, tearing singularity from inside-out.

Raw Field Momentum emerge in intense field density and turbulence,
and starts evolving again as described earlier.

Chronological Mirage

The Inflation is caused by momentum that failed to be configured into matter or light,
interfering with each other at close proximity.
As a gigantic black hole just now, surrounding field density is exceptionally low.
They must diffuse instantaneously to a “comfortable space”, which then slows down.

However they are still continue to interfere and disperse,
like the ripples on water surface flattening out, spreading across wider area.
And with further universes pulling,
causes the on-going acceleration of our universe.

Logic of Existence

All big bangs follow the same rules.
all universes exist on the same 3-Dimensional platform.
It is impossible to have any barriers between existences,
to separate or modify fundamental interaction.

* Everything that exists must fundamentally interact in the same manner.
Resulting in same physics, on the same platform.
All principle properties of fundamental energy must be the same.


When a blackhole nearby explodes,
eroding most of our “universe’s configuration”,
galaxies that survives will still have significant influence,
on the formation of new “universe”.
Probably even the decision to become a “matter” universe,
with more matters nearby.

Eons later, interactions will diversify energy enough to create stars, planets, life, then intelligence.

And they will go through the period,
defining different ingredients to describe the world they observe.
Theorizing that time & space, energy & matter, are fundamentally distinct.
Their universe & dimension, laws of physics and logic, began exclusively from their big bang.

Then they will progressively discover those differences are interconnected, influencing each other. Until they find the relativity of everything.

Interaction is the connection between all diversities.
All diversities are evolved from interaction of same fundamental energy.

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