dlp-16 Singularity DECODED. New Unified Theory of Everything (Simple . Logical . Visualized)

DLP-16 Singularity, The Cancerous Config

No Activity

So what if Field Momentum interaction increases,
time dilates, space contracts,
till Field Momentum stops completely,
from an outsider’s point of view?

dlp1 – All Field Momentum Move at Light Speed Square Constantly!

The only reason that an observer outside can perceive a field’s activities stop completely, is that momentum cannot escape the field.

No activity can be detected does not equal no activity.

So from outside, no activity can be detected from inside the field. an unilateral transfer of momentum.

So what makes momentum unable to escape?

Sync Equilibrium

A “healthy” Field System (like proton & electron) always maintains its sync equilibrium.
It have same amount of momentum in it all the time.
Same amount of momentum enters & exits the system constantly.

A proton is the densest a configuration can become,
while maintaining equal inwards and outwards momentum.

All field systems maintain their Sync Equilibrium, except Singularity.

This universal speed & interaction viscosity of fundamental momentum,
ensured that all protons has the exact same density and “size”.


If a Field System has more momentum entering, less momentum exiting,
its internal interference and external diffusion pull increases,
causing it to spring back to balance instantly.

Error, Singularity

Or else under extraordinary circumstances,
it quickly collapse to maximum momentum entering,
minimum momentum exiting.
Increasing total momentum and size of the Field System.

Singularity, a gigantic ball of spinning light. So bright that nobody can see it.

Singularity is the ONLY solo system that can increase in “size”.

Synchronizing force overwhelms all interference and diffusion force.
Pulling all momentum attempts to escape,
back into absolute synchronicity,
along with newly devoured fields.


This, is singularity, black hole.
The “corrupted” configuration.

A gigantic ball of spinning light,
Pulling all other light to spin with it.
It is so bright that nobody can see it.

A proton or antiproton slightly denser than others.
With extreme densities, pulling all renegades of interference back into the system.

Formation, Implosion

Such violation of balance interaction is extraordinarily difficult,
and can only be formed with super implosions.

Momentum must moving at Light Speed square.
A super implosion lasting long enough,
causes momentum with high interference paths,
squeezed into highest density.

Super implosion pushes all momentum to spin in same direction, becoming an all-absorbing sphere.

Resulting in the formation of maximum density, all absorbing spiral,
to accommodate all the internal Momentum trajectories, and influx momentum.

Once created, such configuration cannot untwine, even when implosion stops.


Singularity will unconfigure all other Field Systems into raw momentum, and synchronize them with itself.

Singularity is a selfishly “corrupted configuration”, violating sync equilibrium, bilateral interaction.

As such, black hole can only absorb momentum and grow bigger.
(Unlike other fundamental configurations [P E aP aE]).


Illusion of time & space stops.

And since momentum cannot exit, from an outsider’s point of view,
activity stops, thus illusion of time & space naturally disappears, because they never existed.


One cannot determine time & space, particle & energy, if everything is perfectly synchronized.

Diversity is the prerequisite for relativity & perception.

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