dlp-15 Time Doesn’t Exist?

DLP-15 Time Does Not Exists

dlp1 : All momentum move @ Light Speed square.
Everything is made-up of momentum.
dlp2 : All momentum must interact.
dlp3 : Interaction causes Momentum to slow down.

There is no such thing as a preexisting omnipresent universal time scale,
then calibrated by gravity or speed.

Relativity generates different speed of activities, thus the perception of time.

But rather, momentum in each field interacting with different Field Density,
different trajectories, calibrating speed of activities exclusively their own.

Collaborating, they orchestrate the perception of an omnipresence of time, when viewed in a spectrum.

Thus “time” is not only unnecessary in the evolution of everything, it’s impossible to exist.

3 dimensions and 4th dimension time, are just scales we measure things.
No “co-interacting ecosystem” can exist in 1, 2, 4 & beyond dimensions.
Those “dimensions” cannot self sustain and self evolve,
which is the foundation for logical reality.

No co-interacting, self sustaining energy ecosystem, can survive in any other “dimensions”.

So, time travel is illogical,
as it is literally making entire multiverse to alter speed of all “activities”,
or even rewind, while maintaining traveler’s own rate of activity.

dlp 1, 2, & 3, evolved to diversed speed of activities, creating illusion of time
This is the relation between energy interaction, time, & space.

Energy interaction creates activities of diversed speed,
thus the perception of time.
While time cannot “illude” without energy.

Definition of time & space is fundamentally flawed.

Conventional definition “space” & “time” is like defining an universal “temperature” & “air-pressure” in atmosphere.
Then mathematically plastered with “pressure warp theory” to explain different atmospheric phenomenon.

Space-time warp seems esoteric because we (understandably) assumed there is space-time,
but pictured from everything is made-up of field momentum viewpoint,
evolved into vastly diversed densities, it becomes common sense.

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