dlp-12 Space Doesn’t Exist?

DLP-12 Space Does Not Exists

dlp2 – Any existence must constantly interact with all existence.

Analogy of current definition of matter, energy, and space.

Space does not exists.
Space cannot be isolated from interaction.
Space cannot act as partitions between matters.
Space cannot be “nothing”, yet a medium that transmits light and gravity.

Gravity is Space.

It is just gravity, and gravity is just unsync Momentum.
Space notion is not only redundant, it is impossible.

Gravity is Space

Light is momentum synchronized into straight trajectories.
It is so consistently regenerating itself in a straight trajectory,
that it is perceived as light.

Matter or particle is momentum synchronized into self-sustaining spins.
It is so consistently regenerating itself in spins,
that it is perceived as a particle.

What is Matter, Light, Space.

Gravity (space) = unsynchronized or unconfigured momentum.
Field Momentum that are not synchronized into straight line or spin trajectories,
not light or particle configuration, is gravity.

Matter & light are just configurations,
are empty channels if without interacting energy.

Unsynchronized momentum are too dispersed & disarrayed
to cause electromagnetic-reactions.


Unconfigured Momentum (aka gravity) conflicting trajectories
will diffuse to minimum required interactions.
It is so consistently dispersing itself to lowest field density,
that it is perceived as a space.

Dense synchronized systems VS dilute unsynchronized momentum,
requires “Interaction Differential Adaptation”.
(or density differential adaptation).

An Integrated Field System limits how much surrounding unconfigured momentum can disperse.
As unconfigured momentum is held in place by the Integrated Field System
to adapt interaction differentials with surrounding.

The illusion of space.

Integrated Field System traps unconfigured Momentum by increasing Field Density,
thus increasing interaction,
and slowing down (or focusing) Momentum.

The maximum diffusion of Field Momentum creates the arena named “space”, from a Field System’s perspective.

Momentum in whirlpool compliment & regenerate each other. Its position is easily identified.
Momentum in unsynchronized waves cancel each other. They disperse to entropy and undisguised from each other. 


Light & matter can absorb from gravity just enough to maintain their configs,
but not enough for adjustments.

For example, positive ions usually cannot create Electron spontaneously with gravity.
Electron cannot absorb gravity to jump orbits.
Because unsync momentum in the “Interaction Differential Adaptation” zone are too dispersed.

Synchronizing Momentum

By synchronizing weak momentum in “vacuum”,
Light can be “created” out of “vacuum”.

Light is actually not “created” outta vacuum,
but unsynchronized momentum, synchronized into detectable light.


Light synchronized into matter.

By synchronizing light,
matter can be “created” from light.

Matter is actually not “created” from light,
but synchronized into self-sustainable spin,
the perceived particle form of momentum, mass.

Clearly conventional understanding of space is fundamentally misconceived.

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