dlp-11 Gravity Redefined – Energy Entanglement. Real Unified Theory of Everything (Simple & Logical)

DLP-11 Energy Entanglement aka Gravity


Particle, matter, all physical objects are just momentum travelling in conserving trajectories. More specifically, it is the configuration, the trajectories of momentum, instead of momentum itself.
So what is gravity & mass?

Field System is just momentum spinning at Light Speed,
maintaining sync equilibrium with same amount of Field Momentum.

Equal Field Momentum enters and exits the Field System constantly.

Field System are significantly denser than surrounding unconfigured Field Momentum.

Thus it looks like a “particle”, and acts like a “particle”, from surrounding perspective.

Integrated Field System must interact with its surrounding.
Electromagnetic Force (with clear trajectories) are the easiest to interact with.


But without Electromagnetic Force,
Integrated Field System still must interact with surrounding.
As all momentum must move constantly!

Significantly weaker than electromagnetic force, with no electromagnetic preferences,
stretching across all distances, with unconfigured trajectories, is gravity.

Electromagnetic Force (disc & loop) is interaction with Synchronized-Momentum.
Gravitational force is interaction with unsynchronized-Momentum.

Which I prefer to call, energy entanglement (EE).
All Field System in all existence, must trade Momentum with each other,
no matter how far, as all Momentum are entangled.
(In fact “distance” is created by interaction itself! More on that later)

Stone VS Earth

A stone seems really quiet, still, and stable!
It has neutralized electric charge, and neutralized magnetic spin.

The stone has mass.
When dropped, it falls quickly towards the earth, which also has mass, a greater one.
Mass is made-up of energy (e=mc2). So somehow these 2 group of energy attracts, in this case, it is understood as gravity.
Any attraction means there must be some “physical” connection.

dlp-1: all Field Momentum must move at Light Speed constantly,
dlp-2: all Field Momentum must interact with surrounding Field Momentum.

So momentum must be exiting the stone constantly, to interact with surrounding field of gravity.
On the same principle, momentum must also be entering the stone constantly.

Electrons, Protons, & Neutrons in the stone needs to maintain their config / sync-equilibrium,
Thus it absorbs equal amount of Momentum (from surrounding gravity field) it emits.
Thereby interacting bilaterally with surrounding.

From the stone’s point of view, the primary source of Momentum, is earth.

So the stone is constantly emitting Momentum in all directions,
and absorbing Momentum from earth, “regenerating” its configuration.
So when the stone is dropped,
it is constantly “recreating” itself nearer to earth,
till it reaches the ground.

And if a denser stone is dropped,
it’ll be recreated faster towards the primary source of momentum, earth.
Because it requires more momentum in same area to maintain its configuration.
Absorbing & emitting more Momentum constantly.

Earth is also absorbing Momentum from the stone,
so it’s recreated nearer, however un-noticeably.

What is Mass?

Since everything is just momentum travelling at light speed square…

Mass is the measurement of position stability of configuration,
against its surrounding (one or more reference point).

Or, the stability of inertia of momentum interaction.

Momentum (or energy), as the word implies, is not position stable.


An Electron is a perpetual spinning configuration to guide momentum trajectories.
Directing momentum through its “path”.
Hence electron’s configuration appears and behaves like particle, from surrounding’s perspective.
Creating the impression of “mass”.


For example, an entire galaxy’s amount of unconfigured energy weighs less than an electron!
Because it does not have a reference point to weigh against.

Any amount of unconfigured energy has zero mass,
as its Momentum’s nature cannot differentiate itself from surrounding,
to “weigh” itself against.


Only a self sustaining trajectory, a Field System’s configuration,
can differentiate its position from surrounding momentum.

Mass, is position stability of a configuration.
Not the amount of momentum. Not the stability of momentum.

All energy must move at light speed & interact constantly, are definitively unstable.

Hence, configuration stability can only be acquired by configurating energy into spin
(aka self-regenerating conserving trajectories, including bonds).

So yes, mass (stability) is relative to surrounding’s stability.

Mass = Energy x Field Density x Curvature of Momentum Trajectories (Maxed when momentum travels in complete cycles)

Also, Curvature = Emission / Absorption.
For all stable particle, curvature is always 1.
It can also be understood as the regenerability of an energy system.


So technically, when a planet bends a beam of light around it, say with a curvature of 1/360, that side where light passes through gain that nanoscopic mass when light passes through.


A field system’s (spin) concentration / size is limited to its sync equilibrium.

Thus mass (position stability) can be further accumulated by adjoining spins.
An integrated field system has 2 or more field systems interlocked together.
It is “heavier”, and requires more Momentum to sustain its config.

Greater mass system is harder to change its “Inertia of momentum interaction” with surrounding,
thus harder to reposition.
Causing configuration to behave more particle-like, from surrounding’s perspective.


Value of “position stability” increases as (wave) energy becomes more like mass (particle).

Mass = Position Stability of Momentum Configuration

“Position stability” definition of mass,
describes precisely how energy to transcends into light, and light into mass, mass into greater mass, seamlessly.


Thus, anything that is not a self-sustainable spin,
(i.e. light), is defined as massless,
but still experience gravitational effect.
Because it is still made-up of Field Momentum.

Gravity Bends Trajectories

Light & travelling matter bends towards denser Field Momentum (aka stronger gravity).
because it is made-up of Field Momentum.

Light & matter are configurations constantly recreated,
and denser Field can regenerate light & matter in smaller area.

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