dlp-10 Wave Particle Duality Decoded. “Matter” Doesn’t Exist? Real Unified Theory of Everything

DLP-10 Wave-Particle Duality

Double Slit Experiment

Double-slit experiment demonstrates that matter can display characteristics of both wave and particle.
It also displays the probabilistic nature of quantum mechanics.

1. Electron is a particle, as generally defined.
2. After going through double slit, it exhibits interference on the detection screen.
3. Any detection at one of the slit, will collapse wave function.


Electron is a configuration of momentum. Field Momentum in spin trajectory.

An Electron’s electromagnetic (sync) and gravity (unsync) momentum is extended to balance interaction with surrounding.

Electron ONLY focus to “particle-form” when reacted,
i.e. when connected to proton.

1) Once emitted from its source, Electron’s electromagnetic (sync) trajectory begins circular extension.

2) At double slit – center of Electron passes through either slit,
while its extensions, where most of its Momentum are, passes through both.

Disturbed by the slits, Field Momentum interferes with itself,
& becomes more wave-like (the entire wave extension is the electron).

3) Any detection requires Electron to focus its Momentum to react (even deflection).

At the screen, electron need to focus its Momentum to react with screen.
(focus cwa trajectory to react with ccwa trajectory).
Momentum density was distributed out in wave fashion,
which determines the probability of where it’ll focus to!

In such cases, unsync trajectory do not change extension.
As it is already “adapted” to surrounding momentum.
It doesn’t stretch out further when released from its source,
It doesn’t focus when reacting with detection at slit or screen.
But it can be disrupted by the double slit & redistribute its momentum.
And its unsync extensions stacks with the molecule it is bonded to.


2b) Detection at slit collapses wave function.

Any detection (including deflection) requires reaction,
requires focused photon / electron / or any testing particles.
Then focused momentum starts radial extension again from the slit it was detected,
collapsing the wave probability.

From Wave to Mass

Field Momentum is transferring in & out of all Field Systems constantly.
Even smaller molecules exhibit wave-particle duality.
Which is the ability to refocus elsewhere when reacted.

A more complex (stable) Integrated Field System,
usually with more Protons & Electrons interlocked together,
increases its field density,
making it harder to refocus elsewhere,
becoming more “particle-like”.

Lower density,
lower surrounding to Field System density difference,
higher extension to core ratio,
easier to refocus elsewhere,
lower position stability,
= lighter (or less mass)!
And vice versa.

That is why lower frequency/density electron has higher “mobility” than proton.
And does most of the moving in electric interactions.

Field System Regeneration

All Field System are constantly recreated. because…

Fundamental motion (dlp1 Light Speed)
and interaction (dlp2 Field System absorption & emission)
can never stop or even slow down.

A field system can only be maintained by constant absorption & emission of momentum.

* photon > electron > proton > atom > molecule

Photon is less stable, more wave-like, lighter…
While a molecule is more stable, more particle-like, heavier.

Photo-Electric Effect

Photoelectric effect is the emission of electrons (by breaking molecular bonds) when light is shone onto a material.

1) Electron that didn’t absorb enough energy to escape,
will transfer the energy to a neighbouring Electron, closer to “escape energy point”,
till energy rendezvous at an Electron that does escape.
and the process repeats.

Thus effect is quick, Electron don’t collect energy “alone”.
And absorbed energy is proportional to emitted energy.

2) Increased light intensity increases number of escape Electrons, but not speed.
Because escaping Electron already has enough energy, and disengaged from the network of absorption.
Thus emitted Electrons have same speed/energy,
as long as same frequency light is used.

3) Lower frequency light i.e. infrared, vibrates the metallic molecules on wide scale.
And cannot focus on individual Electrons, to assist its escape.

4) Frequency determines speed of emitting Electron.
Free Electrons’ frequency are similar,
so surplus energy (frequency) is converted to kinetic speed once it escapes.

Conclusion: light is wave, not particle.

Quantum Tunneling

Quantum tunnelling is the phenomenon where a particle tunnels through a barrier that it classically could not surmount.

i.e. A travelling Electron.
The barrier is a thin layer of neutrally charge metal.

Electron’s faint outer extensions has little interference with the barrier’s Electrons’s extensions, propagating through the barrier.
The barrier can help transmit Electron’s extensions, as long as it does not interrupt its own trajectories.

Usually Electron bounces back when its dense inner extensions interferes with barrier’s Electrons’ inner extensions.
because they don’t want to disrupt their own config.


But there’s a chance Electron’s outer extensions can pull its core through barrier, or recreate new core on opposite side!

Especially, if there’s a positive ion, something to attract to, on the opposite side.

Quantum tunnelling occurs in all fundamental particles,
because a field system has no definite perimeter or center,
Just area of influence, extending infinitely, untill it’s interrupted by other influence.

At quantum level, everything is just momentum.
The particle, barrier, slits, detection screen, & surrounding,
are all in the same energy ecosystem field,
exchanging momentum with one another.

Causing uncertainty a certain characteristic, and particle behaves like wave.


So really, “matter / particle”, all “physical objects” does not exists.
Spin (matter) & line (light), are all just trajectories at Light Speed.

Field Momentum can never stop & transform to become / stay in particle.
Field Momentum spinning at Light Speed, maintaining sync equilibrium,
absorbing & emitting momentum, recreating itself constantly,
just appears & behaves like a “particle”, from an outsider’s perspective.

Field System can absorb & emit momentum, because it is momentum itself.

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