dlp-1 Logic of Existence. There’s Only ONE Fundamental Force. Real Unified Theory of Everything.

DLP-1 Logic of Existence


Some greatest mysteries in physics today…

Wave-particle duality. Quantum mechanics.
Dark matter. Dark energy.
Before and after universe, beyond universe.

String theory. Different rules of physics.
Unknown/undetectable dimensions, choosing to interact sometimes.

Multiple fundamental forces. How can fundamental force be multiple?
Extensive collection of (fundamental) particles with different attributes.
How can types of fundamental particles be multiple?

If there are more than 1 type of fundamental forces / particles, they are not fundamental, but derivatives.

Relativity of particle & forces. e=mc2 doesn’t explain how & why.
Gravity & mass.
Unifying the big n small, quantum mechanics VS Special Relativity.

What is time? What is space?
Universal energy sizes. All electrons have the exact same energy & size.
Universal light speed.
Matter & antimatter. Baryon asymmetry.

And even the simplest question of,
how + & – charge attracts each other?

Cannot be answered with today’s physics.
In this video series, I will unveil all these mysteries, unify all observed physics, and beyond, using the simplest & self-evolvable theory. 

Diverse Link.

Diverse Link Physics (Logic)

dlp1) Field momentum (FM) is the only fundamental force (FM).
All field momentum move at light speed square only.
All existence is made-up of field momentum.

There’s nothing simpler, less-ambiguous, and more universal than field momentum,
to be the only fundamental force to create everything.

4 fundamental forces (not), quarks leptons & other “particles” in standard model (& their antimatter counterparts), and even space & time, evolved from same field momentum -> universal constituent and interaction.


dlp2) All Field Momentum transfer momentum (interact) with one another constantly.

With intensity based on distance, direction, frequency, density.
There is only 1 type of interaction in all existence, transfer of momentum.

Interaction Logic

Because if something doesn’t interact (even if it is momentum),
it doesn’t exists for all other fields, and we can omit it from equation of existence permanently.

Even for an instant,
if something manages to escape fundamental interaction,
it will forever be non-existent.
It cannot reappear and interact with existence later,
as such will require an existing “interacting door” to do so.
Nothing can act as a “gate” between “existences”.

This is an indisputable logic. Nothing can escape interaction.
Or alter it to behave differently.

No extra dimensions or magical barriers, gates,
can allow heaven or hell, wonderland worlds of different sets of physics,
to be absolutely isolated from constant interaction with this existence,
& then later decide to interact, or interact in a different manner.

Just because there is an probability, does not mean all probability MUST be reality.

Interaction Slows

dlp3) Field Momentum from lower density field will perceive Field Momentum in higher density field as slower.
& vice versa.

Because higher density field requires more interaction.
Interaction causes momentum to travel in less efficient routes,
thus Field Momentum seems to slow down from “others’ perspective”.
This characteristic of Field Momentum creates an “interaction viscosity”.


So to summarize, theory of everything is made up of 3 universal logic.
And I do mean everything, not just this universe, but all of existence.

There is only 1 type of fundamental force, Field Momentum, which is traveling at Light Speed square.

There is only 1 type of interaction, which is transfer of Momentum.

All Field Momentum, all existence MUST interact constantly.

Adjustments = interaction viscosity (special relativity-ish).
Density of interaction creates a phenomenon of field viscosity.


That’s it, that’s all the ingredients to create all existence.

Next, “Evolution of Momentum”.

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