Evil and the Immune System

Evolution is Multi-lateral

They co-evolve, co-exist.

Cheetah and gazelle, flowers and bees,
nomadic raiders and agricultural civilization,
matter & space, male & female,
capitalism & communism, virus and you,
all co-evolve together.

Nothing can evolve alone.
If there’s only 1 species in the world,
it’ll split itself into 2, then multiple species,
to compete and evolve together.

They create each other,
like the definition of left creates right, good creates evil.

All evolution requires competition.
Psychologically human constantly look for competition for stimulus, in games, sports, movies, propaganda, stories, religions, not-so-reality-TV-shows, businesses, inventions, countries, every man made fantasies, contains elements of competition.

Good Competition

The best way to evolve, is to maintain competition,
while minimizing damages.
Like buck compete for mating rights,
using horns that curl upwards, or designed to interlock together, instead of stabbing each other to death.
Because growing a strong horn, the balance, weight, strength, agility, skills, and some luck, is good enough to qualify good genes.

While the defeated can take it as a practice, and further improve itself, for a better chance to win the next fight.
Such healthy competition encourage the entire gene pool to become stronger.

Stabbing other bucks to death in their adolescence, is probably the best way to eliminate competition.
However that will be extremely degenerating for the genetic pool as a whole.
That would be unhealthy competition.

In nature, fighting for mating rights rarely ends up in critically wounding the opponent.
So that genes can get more training opportunities and improve as a species.

Like wars in early era was fought with brute force,
which requires combatants to physically decimate each other.
While future warfare will be fought with drones and legendary dexterity pro-gamers in control, minimizing biological destruction,
sufficient to determine winner, overwhelms any human militants,
encourages technological & strategical advancements,
which can be implemented into other fields.

seriously, pro gamers’ dexterity is beyond human.

i.e. Virtual reality controls is economically coevolved in games, movies, sports, or warfare.

virtual reality sphere, U can walk and even jump to control ur avatar in VR!
please send one to an arcade near me, please.

How ’bout We All Suck

Businesses, apps, technology, games, manga, stories, jokes, content creators, all evolves at optimal speed. Because consumers can leave or join them within seconds, without potentially losing deposits or any form of penalty; Social media determines whether it is a positive share, or a negative review, separated by 1 click. Competing in such challenging circumstances forces individuals to become highly efficient, innovative, and creative.

palm islands, sweet. skydive, sweet.
akihabara maid cafe, sweeet.

Depending on where you are, when is the last time you see your neighborhood roads improved? Or the monetary system? Or the money laundering debt leveraging property hype? Or green energy, recycle and reuse system, schools teaching relevant life skills, encouraging development of unique talents, inspiring minds, capability instead of counting years, etc?

In order to conceive good ideas, put men in penguin suits and seat them in a square?
The best setup for learning?

Because government, education institutes, has so little competition (having few choices that collaborates to suck at same level, does not constitute competition). It is like the clog of fat in your intestines, disengaged from the nervous system, engulfing as much resources as possible, and corrupting nearby cells to become the same, spreading its un-contributing and destructive influences, which turns into cancerous cells keeps making this sound “stay-ters-qoo stay-ters-qoooo “.

cancer cells characteristics : info isolation, replicates infinitely, sucks blood, won’t change, won’t fuggin’ die. just like partisans.

Virus and immune system co-evolve together.
Pivoting on each other, adapting and competing together.

So does good and evil.

In nature, there is no such thing as good or evil.
Often stealing is a vital skill for survival.
Interpretation of good & evil only applies in human society.
And quite often poorly defined,
causing more destruction with it.

swift & sweet death.

Most deem evil are based on one simple fact, efficiency.
It is highly effective for hyenas to kill steal, cuckoo birds to cheat surrogate mother, wasp mind control caterpillar, mantis bite off husband’s head…
Or in the case of humans, lifestyle maintenance fee aka vaginamoney,
just a more gradual grind towards death.

till death do you pay alimony.


All evil, which is in fact a skill, can be applied to do good.
Prevention of real damages, inspire creativity, strategies, innovations, understanding nature, psychology, etc.
Like a vaccine is simply weaken virus,
allowing the immune system to practice identifying virus.

All evil is manageable, once recognized,
a body or society rarely even need much effort to keep it under control.
The emphasis is recognizing evil.

So people should have the freedom to experience (evil),
i.e. game that contains sexual and violence contents.
Movies, religions, sports, all contains elements of competition,
violence, sex, crimes, etc.

I encourage such games to play through the psychological development in different environments, that nurtured violence.

Unless an individual is mentally too weak and vulnerable,
or the vaccine is too strong,
that the inoculation actually infects the host,
and he/she becomes a source of infection that can infect others.

Psychological Evil

Theft is considered as immoral in most society, except Barcelona.
Like white blood cells recognize common flu virus easily, and devours it.
No bacteria or virus is too strong for white blood cells to destroy.
As all evil are manageable, as long as it is identified.

Theft is a natural behavior, one of those evil that is guaranteed to exist in all evolution.
Communal animals usually don’t commit crime against each other.
With some exceptions like contests for the throne.
i.e. Ants, elephants, wolf pack.

They could, but it will be just be genetic suicide.

They don’t even require a law to do so.
Unless you consider the queen bee sterilizing all her daughters as law.

“I will hysterectomy all u sluts, I will”.

Also because some group do not have means to store resources for long,
a wolf cannot migrate group to group, stealing wives & food, and store them somewhere.
Inheritance of wealth inspires corruption, which is a topic for another day.
Thus constant cooperation is necessary for survival.

Such as developed civilization requires individual to contribute with different expertise,
then trading with one another, and everyone benefits in such system.
Theft only benefits the thief, but damaging to such society as whole.

yummy taiwan night market.

And people cannot develop different skills,
if most intelligence is devoted into backstabbing & counter-backstabbing each other.
The economic definition of evil, is prize without product. As is vaginamoney.

However as civilization advances, majority got so pampered by the society,
awareness drops to dangerously low levels.
Like a tourist in johor bahru, handbag worn over one shoulder,
ready for some real world education.


But not everyone need to have property snatched to be immune to theft.
They can be vaccinated by learning from others’ experiences,
or even a fictional story,
or a game that stimulate the mind’s awareness & flexible thinking.

A civilized society should not condone violence,
but it must regularly receive harmless stimulants of evil,
study, understand, recognize violence & other evil,
strengthen its psychological antibodies,
so the civilization will not be vulnerable to infestation of evil,
understand other developing cultures better,
and make people smarter, sexy, with sense of humour.

Psychological Vaccine

Theft violates the axiom of competition, gaining reward with no product.
It is widely regarded as evil, and people recognizes it.

Thus it is easily preventable, as society learnt to be immune to it.
Except in ho chi minh, & barcelona, & paris, it is sports.

But evil, like virus, evolves.
Into scams, monopolies, trade manipulation, debt leverage, fiat currency, etc.
These maneuvers evolves to become so sophisticated that the majority do not recognize the evil,
which is million times more destructive to economy than petty crimes.

latest mutation of scam. immune system haven’t quite caught up yet.

The essence of a healthy trade must be exchanged with a product or service.
Does not matter what disguise it hides under.
Just like robbery or scam, it produces zero real value.


Playing is fun, fun and learning and practicing is infused in the learning of all biological intelligence.
Like kittens stalk, run, jump, investigate, chase, observe,  and killing an bird, slowly.
This allows the kitten observe behavior of other animals,
sharpening its reflexes, prediction, understanding of other species.
Of course institutional education do not know and is incapable of implementing such.

Theft also relates to stealth, acting, lying, dexterity, guerilla tactics, poverty, corruption, unemployment, illiteracy, gini co-efficiency socio psychological effects, uncover government surveillance on citizens, inter-state espionage, etc.

All these skills can be used for good or bad, but definitely a necessary skill for a learning man. For example games or movies containing violence, can be tweaked to allow players to assimilate the background and development of criminal mindset, while having fun & unleash some rage, with no real damage inflicted.


Most people in modern society are pampered and degenerated by technology & welfare.
Modern social structure minus technology will pulverize within 28 hours in any other era.
Too isolated from evil and totally incapable of recognizing it.
They cannot relate to people living in poverty, oppression,
little or no education, with theft and violence being a common practice.

try scholarly debate me, just try.

Like a teenager forced to live in a gang controlled jail in Puerto Rico, he has to recognize, synchronize, toughen up, and blend in. Or risk being raped, extorted of every resource, and enslaved. Then their violent rhythm resonates and intensifies. Such is any kind of group mandated to live / work together, consistently the loudest shameless fool prevails. And everyone has to lower their IQ to accommodate the “culture”. So stop coercing people together -> school, marriage, religions, accommodation, conscription, etc.

Europeans mentally degenerated enough to accept EU open borders policies.
Accommodating refugees of no documentation, no education, no interest to integrate to society, with precarious backgrounds or even sneaky agendas.

Incapable of understanding or resolving the true root of problem
-> military & monetary system intervention, but just want to be trendy.
And now the invited vampire is raping Europe until people gets it,
and respond with relevant antibodies.

Europe is learning it the hard way, but it don’t have to.
It can learn from history, statistics, common sense,
and vaccinate itself with some benign experiences of evil.

Prevention before Cure

To understand or train with evil, does not mean I have to be an asshole, intentionally provoke assailants to practice self defense,
or ingest Salmonella bacteria for fun.

Preferably immune system is constantly updated by small harmless stimulus, learning from mostly simulated experiences, is enough for man to understand, without sustaining serious damage.

Like brazilian jiu jitsu stimulates metabolism, the brain & nervous system, muscles & flexibility.
Encouraging small positive changes in the body, expelling toxins and aged cells, strengthening blood circulation and nerves connections.
Or quarterly updating of antivirus software.

Best scenario is one never need to use such skills in critical situations, and share the experience to others, and generations to come, as intellectual vaccination.

I love this comic that explains vaccines w simplicity! & to the boy’s Qs, evolution!

Rather than degenerated immune system living in a cradle.
When the dome cracks, or the virus evolves,
the pampered gets destroyed or infested, becoming the virus themselves.

Therapy before Surgery

Violence in the name of Justice,
has always caused way more damage to humanity than violence in the name of evil.

Most people do not want to be seen doing wrong,
but the need for competition is overwhelming,
an excuse to quench the thirst of greed and anger,
thus in the name of Justice, or God.

gogo ackman, comic by Akira Toriyama (dragon ball author). The angel in the comic repeatedly “collateral damage” more humans in effort to kill devil.

That is why religions (and authoritarian gov) appeal to the dimwitz,
because it offers love and peace for its followers, pain & suffering for infidels.
Both extremes of innate human emotions inspired.
I can think of dozens of communal animals right now,
that functions in the same manner.
In fact dog whisperer Cesar trains them with the exact same treat or trick philosophy.

parents & teachers, “I know what’s good for u, just don’t resist it…”

The ignorance of military intervention & invasion
i.e. Iraq, Libya, forcefully installed democracy,
without understanding local background and culture.

Yes, there is human rights abuse under Saddam Hussien or Gaddafi.
But they also did great things for their country,
i.e. nationalize the country’s resources & banking systems, free education, medicals, housings, etc.

excuse me, which way to a voting center?

There are many fractions in the country, ready to slaughter each other.
A powerful figure like Gaddafi or Saddam keeps them tolerable to each other, by force when necessary.
And the next day, mental degenerates expects them to vote democratically for who is in charge? Come on.

Which resulted in total devastation of the countries’ infrastructures, hundreds of thousands direct deaths, millions of civilians displaced, and the country become a spawning pool for terrorism

before & after western humanitarian military intervention & democracy. any questions?

The elites want chaos, to divide and conquer, to install pipelines, banks, & puppets. These results are calculated and appreciated.

But the general public are so mentally degenerated,
is sold and some actually believed that military intervention and forcefully installed democracy,
is beneficial for the people of Iraq or Libya.

Now the drumming of war against Iran, Russia, and China?


Or illegalize prostitution, war on drugs.
restricting the natural inclination of human behavior,
only results in underground implosion of desires,
unmonitored uncontrollable untaxable trade,
worst human rights abuse & gang violence,
with obscene price hike, thanks to the illegalization of drugs & whores.

Another majestic failure.

Without moderate vaccination,
the body will have no clue what it is dealing with.
Incapable of anticipating consequences of an action,
and make disastrous decisions.

There’s an benign eczema spot on the foot,
and the doctor amputate the entire leg.
That is excessive treatment,
and likely further complicate condition.

if your doctor looks like this…

If a call for destruction (even against “evil”) is propagated by an authority,
it is almost certainly hyper immunization, excessive operation.

i.e. signboard in Ho Chi Minh city warning tourists is probably more effective than sharia public hands amputation of pickpockets law.
Hand chopping restricts the thief’s ability to contribute positively in future,
and corrupt minds to condone violence in name of justice,
and likely invoke violent responses.

Thailand signboard. Vietnam is too proud to put up such signs, but with 999x more thefts.

Disproportionate Good Causes Harm

All popular religion is propagated by politics.
Generally religion preaches kindness, because most of the time people don’t like violence.
And preaching kindness, fidelity, anti crime, etc, is beneficial for a society, government supports and manipulates it.

However excessive devotion in one ideology can easily degrade others.
Most people do not have much patience for intellectual discussion,
and too indulged in own perception thus refuse to accept others.
And quickly shift to interrupting, speaking louder, or AMD-65 in response.
Especially if such “passionate campaign” is deem as holy.

Perfect, because authorities always require some zealots willing to kill & die for some “good cause”.


Falun gong 法輪功. Teaches the tenets of 真善忍 truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance.
Majority of practitioners are really kind people, to the extend kind of retarded.
In fact all fundamentalists are pretty dumb, for both good & evil, left or right wing.

depiction of good vs evil usually tales catastrophes.

To the extend when captured by communists and interrogated,
they choose not to lie, not to recant their practice (not even lying about it),
to uphold their truthfulness, and forbear the torture.

Which often agitates an assailant even more.
As the subconscious of a bully usually revolves around extracting a submission,
appeasing the aggressors’ ego mentally.
Without anticipated response from the victim,
the aggressor will feel vexed and challenged to escalate the torment.
Especially if he/she has “righteousness” for the crucifixion,
to all deviate away any human conscience.

“I feel no pain” is a invitation for more.

Which resulted millions ending up in permanent jail term,
awarded with fanciful torture techniques, and harvested for organs.
That is just sheer violence against oneself.

sue the crime later, or prevent the crime earlier?

Not defending the aggressor or organs harvesting in anyway,
just saying people need to learn how to protect themselves.

It doesn’t matter what hum gives you the high,
what non-scientific magical medical abilities it has,
if it compels you to crack common sense,
to physically harm others or yourself,
it is a goddamn cult.

okay… just keep it in spirit of good fun & mutual respect


Antibodies only need to recognize virus and bacteria,
and the white blood cells will handle the rest.

But if the white blood cells, leukocytes are too aggressive & hypersensitive, and begin devouring harmless cells, it becomes a hyper-immune disease,
attacking healthy cells & damaging the host.

Like an authoritarian government clamp down on freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of trade, etc.
Hindering the natural development of intelligence & creativity
(among other weird stuffs),
backstabbing the people with the authority bestowed by the people.

see no evil, and evil will devour u.

It does not matter what belief or ideology the atrocities is committed under.
A think able person should always search for better resolutions with less real devastation.
Usually by drawing inspirations from harmless, but perhaps rude ideas.

The wisdom to live is to learn from spelling live backwards.