Realistic Love Dolls

She has impeccable proportions,
Firm perky tits with finest shades,
slender waist held by a voluptuous hind.
Porcelain perfect complexion, and lips like cut peach.
Glossy hazel hair, draped on the face of an angel,
with deep olive eyes staring into abyss.

She is the finest aesthetical creature,
and she will yours forever, for a small price.
The only catch, she ain’t real.
But that isn’t a problem for many enthusiasts of these synthetic charmer, if not a plus point.

Davecat and his two ‘wives’ Elena and Sidore.

Don’t feel left out ladies & gays!
Male dolls are available too, with silicone everlasting erection of good girth, right amount of acclivity & resistance, balance of stiffness & tenderness, texture of a lubricated schlong, and even flaccid mode for chillax time!

They cost about $1000 ~ $10000 USD a each,
depending on model and customization.
Yes, you can even customize face, body, facial hair,
pubic hair of different shades, freckles, tattoos, etc. for an additional fee.
Just like a freemium app or mmorpg!

It is really not that expensive, considering the amount of details crafted into it.
And compared to other dates, escorts, or the unfortunate event of vaginamoney, where he has to suffer the rest of his life.

The dolls has internal skeleton structure, all the way to the fingers!
Bending and limiting just like the human skeleton,
allowing user to fold it into all kinds of positions and stay there.

Yes, you can make it stand, dressed humbly in the living room,
and pretend it is just a healthy collection hobby.
Help with your forensic analysis of human physique to hone your artistic & anthropology skills.

Or position it for photoshoot, dance or artistic presentation, admiration, cosplay, inspiring perverted pov peep angles, or karmasutra #224.

Their delicate silicone skin can be quite fragile and easily damaged.
Owners can send them to shops for repairs.
And movable pupils so you can get all the unwavering attention (and occasional strabismus lazy eye).

There are private shops for all clothing and accessories, to divide your creeps from the rest.
And of course, there is also the internet.


Imagine all the sex toys you’ve tried,
and multiply the culmination by ten folds, and also the inconvenience.

Lubrication, one that smells and taste nice, is strongly encouraged.
Some dim lighting, and put on that porn compilation from
Baby powder to reduce tackiness cause by your destructive bodily fluids.
Proper cleaning, and before & after maintenance.

And there are even models of toddlers to infants sex dolls, futanari, dog humps, & hump dogs.
oh My faith in humanity…

Despite the ideal physical appeal, in sex, these dolls have cannot initiate,
cannot reciprocate, no body warmth, no squeeze & counter-squeeze, no scent, juicy secretions, voice, perspiration, biological feedback, or intimate words & gestures.

However those problems may soon be resolved by human ingenuity, capitalism, and sheer pursuit for fantasy.

I can already imagine in the near future, these silicone sirens will be installed with electric gyrating hips, with pre-programmed, customizable, voice controlled rhythm. Moans responding to physical inductions, internal heat pads. Some preset & repetitive motions, and even choice of ejaculate flavors.

Ghost in the Shell
Ex Machina

These sexbots will soon come with AI, personality of preference installed, able to update & change whenever you like, like a open source code app.

The sentient didn’t trap humans in the matrix, but men created it to immerse in it, gladly.

An embarrassing socio-stigma substitute? Perhaps today.
Do you still remember those days when having a dildo or electric masturbator is a taboo?
Tomorrow nobody will give a damn what you do in your own free time, just keep it discreetly.

Psychological Existence

Despite being called sex dolls, many enthusiasts are considering them as emotional companionship.
And sex is just that 30 seconds self indulgence.
Some owners even “claim” they didn’t hump the dolls, treating them as family members, daughters, etc.

Many finds emotional attachment to inanimate objects even more disturbing than sexual. Some enthusiasts even marry their dolls, and have “weddings”, although not legally recognized.

But the trend is set, demand is growing, investors smell profits, engineers get to work, and in future such inanimate adoration will be a norm.

Soft & cuddly bolster is a norm.
Boyfriend arm pillows, soft toys, mascots, transformers, barbie dolls, legos,
all designed to conjure the same effect.
Personify some lifeless materials into a character,
to echo his/her imagination, comforting your self talking bipolar loony tunes.

While it does not offer the bliss of a real girlfriend or boyfriend,
it also automatically nullify all potential devastation of having one.

The silicone figurine is cooperative to participate in all kinds of fetish,
with no bitching, no sudden rage, no demands, no drama, splurge, lies, backstabbing, legal & financial penalties,
and zero human rights abuse.

With the exception of mentally abusing & degenerating the fanatic who got too attached, sucking his vitality and devouring him physically & mentally.
Well, all human need to addict to something.


Besides sex, lifestyle with a love doll includes shopping for clothing, cosplay & dressing, baths, grooming & maintenance, TV & movies, being the best listener (uh huh), cuddling, sleeping together, out for a spin, photo / video shoots, picnic in own backyard discreetly, etc.

There are private clubs & forums, for owners to share information & experiences, encourage potential & new buyers, exchange photos & videos, etc.

Most enthusiasts are secretive of their hobby, for good reasons.
But others are more open in displaying their affection to inanimate objects.
Taking them out for walks in wheelchairs, photo taking outdoors, boat rides, mingle with other owners, curious by-passers, etc.

An ardent admirer in China has 7 life-like dolls, takes care of them everyday, and considers them his daughters.
He says he never have sex with them.
The divorcee even got his son a silicone figure as a gift on his 18th birthday.

He dress the dolls up, cleans, have parties and photo takings, take them on road trips, have their own room, wardrobe, names, and all.
He also make music videos with them and post them online.
He takes such good care of the dolls that other owners are requesting him to babysit theirs.

And so does many other collectors.
They treat their dolls somewhat like a real person,
except with zero mobility, no laughs, pranks, squabbles, and creep-out stares.

All these owners invest all the time & money voluntarily, at their own expense, harming nobody, with the option to pause or quit anytime.
And such freewill devotion shows that dolls are becoming much more than an object of sex.

Other Uses

Like the internet was invented for defense purpose, but found its way to be much more useful in other fields…

With their near identical body, joints, weight, height,
Realistic love dolls has countless of applications, where humans are just beginning to explore.

They can be high-end mannequins, photo-shoot models,
event props, fashion & cars promoters, mascots, dance & gym models, Lady Gaga doll publicity stunt, etc.

Lady Gaga poses for photographers with her life-sized dolls during a press conference to promote her album “ARTPOP” in Tokyo, Sunday, Dec. 1, 2013. (AP Photo/Shizuo Kambayashi)

And in education, life sketch, medical, surgery, dentistry, nursing practice, rescue exercise, crash dummies, psychology, etc.

Futurists, art collectors, scientists, writers, can draw inspirations from them.
They can be convenient & economical escorts for military personnel, sailors, miners, workers on oil rigs, prison mates, etc.
They are even in porn catalog!

Most hobbyists are highly secretive, and society stereotype them as creepy loners.
And that may be true, but not necessarily all.
Many if not most happy couples have sex toys including dolls, to enhance intimate relation.

A cuddly partner for him or her.
A companion for medical patients, & burn victim, prostate cancer,
post traumatic therapy, seniors, people with disabilities,
couples/bachelors who has lost or have no children, widows & widowers,
psychological treatment for autism, etc.

Psychological diversion, addiction alleviation,
sex offenders passion management,
serial killers & kidnappers substitute victim,
bestial, polygamy, anime fetishes,
pedophiles control, church priests’ toys,
UN peacekeeping child raping predatory instincts,
politicians child trafficking rituals.

U might already have guessed it, in Japan there are already bordellos featuring these silicone temptress.
You can even rent them home for convenience and pre-purchase experience persuasion!


The Art of Sex Trade is not about selling physical sex,
it is about selling the imagination.

With demand and advancing technology,
sexbots are slowly but truly becoming a reality.

Whatever works for you, anime manga maids or celebrities eating your junk fantasy, please proceed. Controversy & stigmatization is always there anyway, deal with it.