dlp-18 Summary

Unified Theory of Everything – Diverse Link Physics – Summary

1. Logic

1) Field Momentum is the only Fundamental Force.
All existence is made up of Field Momentum.
All diversities evolved from Field Momentum.
All Field Momentum travels at Light Speed square constantly & perpetually.

There can be only a single type of fundamental force.
Any other definition is derivative.
A single universal fundamental force is necessary to explain big bang chronology, entropy reverse simulation, singularity,
and answer common sense & logic.

In the original state, everything must behave and interact in the simplest and universal manner.

4 fundamental forces, quarks leptons & other “particles” in standard model, and even space and time,
evolved from the same universal constituent and interaction.

A single type of fundamental force means it has universal, constant, & perpetual characteristics -> speed and interactivity.


2) All Momentum must interact with other Momentum, directly or indirectly, in the simplest manner, transfer of momentum.

No existence can be isolated from fundamental interaction, or alter it.


3) Any interaction causes Field Momentum to become slower, from an outsider’s perspective.

Any interaction means momentum is travelling in more deviated routes, as momentum is transferred to surrounding fields & back, decreasing its overall speed from an outsider’s perspective.

2. Configuration

A Field System is a self regenerating configuration of Field Momentum.
Which is only possible in recycling trajectories.

Particle = momentum in regenerating config
(where momentum is conserved into particle form)
Antiparticle = opposite trajectories, same frequency.

Proton / Positron = ccwa.
Electron / anti-Proton = cwa.

Atom = integrated field system (balance trajectories).
Molecule = integrated field system (balance trajectories & shells).

Light = momentum in straight config
Space = momentum with no config


Up quark = Disc?
Down quark = Loop?
Top quark = Eclipse?

Synchronize Equilibrium

All momentum must move and interact with surrounding constantly.
Which is the only logical definition of momentum (or energy).

So energy in particle must be exiting constantly.
And on the same principle, energy must be entering particle constantly.

Excess synchronized momentum will interfere with itself and unsynchronize.
Insufficient synchronized momentum will resonate with surrounding and synchronize.

This is the sync equilibrium of all fundamental particles (fundamental configuration of momentum),
which maintains their universal size and density (when stablized).

3. From One Fundamental Force To Four Attributes

Electromagnetic force = interaction with synchronized momentum. * Belt and sync loops. Tts y magnetic field always in torus shape.

Gravitational force = interaction with unsynchronized momentum. * 2 arrow spheres.


Strong force is repelling momentum trajectories bent into binding trajectories.
Check out the detailed illustration in the video link below.

Excess Protons in nucleus may jointly generate an electron between them as “trajectory adapter”. Subsequently fused to become a Neutron. This is the weak force, which is essentially unstable configuration’s tendency to readjust itself, to a more stable configuration. *

An atom may have imbalanced charges, thus the need to form molecular bonds.
Physicists didn’t call this effect the “5th fundamental force”, because electron shell stability is a more relevant and illustrative explanation.

Diverse link demonstrates precisely how, a single fundamental force, field momentum, develop into the 4 observed qualities.

4. Mass VS Gravity

Everything is made up of momentum.
Constantly travelling & interacting at universal rate.
This is the only logical definition of fundamental energy.
Energy can never stop, if it appears to be stationary (from a distance),
it is just “conserved” by performing repetitive action.

Mass = position stability against surrounding.

Simply, mass is Momentum’s position stability against surrounding momentum.
And all momentum travels at universal speed!
So mass can only be achieved by momentum travelling in regenerating routes.

Which can be measured by,

mass = energy * density * curvature.

Note that mass is relative to its surrounding,
so same amount of energy will have higher mass if its density is higher.
As higher density difference with surrounding density (gravity),
generates higher momentum transfer inertia,
which is more difficult to change and regenerate itself elsewhere in the gravity field.

Curvature of Momentum Trajectories (Maxed when momentum travels in complete cycles = 1)
Usually, if the configuration curvature is less than 1, it’ll quickly synchronize into 1, or decay into 0.

The Mass Effect

A field system (aka particle, mass) is momentum travelling in regenerating routes, synchronized momentum maintaining same field density around itself, limiting how much surrounding unsynchronized momentum can disperse.
As it needs unsynchronized momentum to adapt interaction differentials with surrounding.

The Gravity Effect

Light and travelling matter bends towards denser momentum field aka gravity.
Because they are made up of momentum, constantly emitting and absorbing momentum, and is regenerated closer to denser momentum field constantly.

The Anti-Gravity Effect, Space Doesn’t Exist.

Space doesn’t exist. Space is gravity. Gravity is unsynchronized momentum.
Unsynchronized momentum interferes with each other and disperse as much as possible.

Gravity effect only applies to configured momentum (i.e. light and matter, because they NEED TO maintain their config).
Space to space interaction usually results in diffusion to minimum density (no config to maintain).

The Mass & Anti-Gravity effects generate extreme difference of field density,
thus the perception of matter, and space.

5. Dark Matter & Dark Energy

Dark Matter

Distribution & rotation of mass traps unsynchronized momentum more effectively,
Generating the effects of dark matter.

Galaxy’s mass distribution and rotation is more effective in trapping “space”. Causing “space” to gain slightly conserving trajectories, position stability against outside of galaxy, thus mass.

Dark Energy

Momentum not constrained by mass,
will continue to disperse till minimum interaction.
Generating the effects of dark energy.

Unsynchronized waves will interfere with each other, and disperse until as much as possible -> minimum interaction.
Expanding universe is common sense when space is visualized as unsynchronized momentum.

6. Time Doesn’t Exist

A dimension is a platform where existences can co-interact with each other.
No 1st, 2nd, 4th, or any above dimensions can support that.
Time is not a dimension where existences can interact in different directions.
The past have influenced the present, the present will influence the future, but never ever in the opposite direction.

Momentum in denser field need to interact with more momentum,
thus it appears to be slower when measured from outside the field.
Thus time seems to slow down in denser field.

From momentum curving into a particle form, to light bending around planets,
are all same effects of time dilation or space contraction.

The collaboration of different rate of activities orchestrate the illusion of an omnipresent time.

Time & space does not exist.
Both evolved from Field Momentum interactions.
Diversification of speed & density creates the illusion of time & space.

7. Singularity

When a super implosion occurs,
vast amount of momentum are squeezed into an immensely small area,
where they are forced to interact in conflicting trajectories.
Forcing all the momentum to synchronize into one spinning sphere trajectory,
in order to contain all the momentum.

If such sphere is big enough,
it can maintain its configuration even when the implosion stops.
(instead of pulled apart by surrounding into sync equilibruim)
Field density around it is so high, that it absorbs back most emitted momentum almost instantly,
. causing the sphere to increase in total amount of energy & size.
. maintaining absolute synchronicity and maximum density.

This is singularity. Unlike Proton or Electron, it overwhelms sync equilibruim, thus it can grow bigger. A gigantic ball of spinning light, so bright that nobody can see it.

It can dissolve all other configurations into raw Field Momentum,
and synchronize them to become part of itself.

8. Big Bang

Singularity increasing Momentum increases interference within itself.
Till interference overwhelms the threshold of synchronicity,
and all the Momentum explode from singularity with maximum interference.

This is the Big Bang.

Big Bang Mirage

All universes, all existences, evolve the same way.
Everything exist and interact on the same 3 dimensional platform,
same principles, similar evolution, but with immeasurable interactions creating unlimited diversities.

Expansion of observable universe indicates most observed matter emerged from one point.
It cannot prove space around the point didn’t exist before it exploded,
or the rest of the multiverse doesn’t exist on the same platform,
just dissipated further away when “our blackhole” exploded.

Creating the mirage of big bang “creating” time & space, energy & matter, laws of physics, from our perspective.

When momentum is released from singularity, space around it (unsync momentum) are interfered and diffuse further away, even till today, until it reaches minimum interaction.

9. Logic of Existence

It is impossible for fundamental force to have different characteristic.
It is impossible for any existence to interact in different manner.

Time, space, matter, gravity, all evolved from same fundamental energy.
Single type of energy went through entropic diversification such that perspectives can be formed,
measurements of differences are possible.
Some energy evolved to become different elements, molecules.
Some energy evolved to become life, intelligence and consciousness.

Consciousness which is simply a more intricate configuration of energy,
that is capable to manipulate other less evolved energy,
even developed curiousness about itself and other diversities,
trying to understand the connection between them.

A formula that has originally existed, have developed countless times,
and will continue to reoccur infinitely.

Diverse Link.

10. Debunked

. Pseudo dimensions, capable of choosing when and how to interact with reality.
. String theory. different laws of physics.

. Multiple Fundamental Forces.
. Multiple fundamental particles.
At least they cannot be called fundamental.

. Antineutron, gluons, bosons, higgs, graviton, antiquarks, etc.
. Time travelling.
. Wormhole, whitehole, and even blackhole.


. What is time? what is space?
. Universal energy sizes. I.e. Proton, Electron.
Or at least when they are stable.

. Universal light speed. and why nothing can travel faster than light.
. Everything travel at light speed square, just in different direction.

. Matter & antimatter. baryon asymmetry.
. Illustrates precisely how + & – attracts.

. Dark matter. dark energy.
. Before and after universe.
. Beyond universe

. and beyond…


. 4 fundamental forces.
. All particles, stable & unstable.

. Time & space.
. Mass & gravity.

. Energy & mass. the real e=mc2. m=edc.
. Wave-particle duality

. Unified the big & small, quantum and SR.
. Measuring the field density difference of particle and surrounding gravity,
quantum mechanics can transcend seamlessly into relativity.

. and beyond…

11. Diverse Link

How can observer measure anything, if everything is perfectly synchronized?
Any act of observation is essentially a measurement of difference.

But how can everything interact universally, if they are fundamentally different?

The only explanation is : A single type of fundamental force interact with itself to create all diversity (difference).

Diverse Link Physics
Ah Xiong’s unified theory of everything.